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  • Increasing economy, self dependency and cooperation among members.
  • Sanctioning loan to members on the basis of fish catch and fish products & for fishing boats and for maintaining of fishing boats.
  • Arranging marketing of fish in retail and wholesale scale in the country and abroad.
  • Purchasing and selling of fish and fish products of members and acting as middle men in this business.
  • Opening of enough branches for the convenience of members and consumers.
  • Opening of boat building yards for the projects on mechanization for fishermen and produce the requirement of fisheries, purchasing and supplying items required for mechanized fishing.
  • Providing mechanized boats, establishment of Ice plant, Cold storages, Fish processing plants, Fish curing yards, Fish transport vehicles, Construction of Godowns or getting godowns on rent and operating them. For this purpose acquiring fixed assets and selling them to members and if required managing the affairs of the member societies.
  • Purchasing fisheries requisites, storing and selling them in retail and wholesale scale for the benefit of members.
  • For the development of Fish marketing acquiring the ownership of Fish markets or getting them on lease. Establishing fish stalls for marketing and encouraging these type of activities by members.
  • Purchase singly or jointly members daily required items, items required for fisheries business and consumer items.
  • Taking up projects required for the socio economic development of fishermen, organizing conference for the benefit of members to encourage fisheries business.
  • Arranging knowledge programme about fisheries to the members.
  • Arranging grading and quick transportation facilities of fish and fish products.
  • Getting savings and receiving deposits from members.
  • Acting as agents of insurance company for arranging insurance of mechanized fishing boats of members.
  • Arranging effective programme for the achievement and implementation of the above objectives.